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Rekey Locks

By rekeying locks on time, professionally, and accurately, we tackle problems and prevent intrusions. When you trust our team to rekey locks in Toronto, you can be sure of the quality of our work and quick response. This job must be done with the right tools and you can rest assured that all techs here at CT Locksmith Toronto are properly equipped. We can help you at your convenience but also urgently. What’s vital is that every time you need our help, we will be there to take care of your concerns.Rekey Locks Toronto

Call us to rekey locks in Toronto

Concerned about the security at your new home or office? Call us to make an appointment for a lock rekey service in Toronto, Ontario. The last thing you want when you move to a new place is to see ex-tenants or landlords for that matter using their keys to enter your property. That’s why we rekey the lock. What our pros actually do is change the pins of the lock and thus their configuration so that the lock will only operate with a different key. That’s why our service also includes key change.

Our company offers emergency lock rekey

If your key is stolen in Toronto, rekey locks at once. Call us to provide emergency service. We can help 24/7 in such emergency situations. Our intention is to come quickly to rekey the lock and change the key before anyone uses the original key to break in. So, when such incidents occur, there is no point for key replacement. Since your intention is to keep potential intruders from using the key, we simply change it and rekey the lock.

Contact us for services on master key systems

Since our pros are experts in re-keyed locks, they can also help you with a master key system. If you want to carry fewer keys and have a good and easy key management, we can rekey the locks to open and lock with two keys. If you have problems with the existing master lock system or have lost one of the keys, contact us to assist you.

Our experts travel in vans equipped with all necessary tools in order to do each job accurately. So, you can trust

that we are ready to assist you quickly and complete each job with precision. Give us a call if you want the best pros to rekey locks in Toronto. We can help now.